Get your front and back office in order, so you can truly work anywhere.

Just because you work on-the-go doesn’t mean you’re not a professional.

Being a digital nomad sounds glamorous, but it’s no less work than setting up shop in a brick-and-mortar building. Having the right technical setup to distinguish your professional space from your personal space makes all the difference in your productivity.

From managed web hosting and email servers, to setting up a business number and streamlining administrative processes, we’ve got your front and back office covered.

Managed Hosting

Website hosting service with a side of TLC.

Starting at just $25/month.

The web hosting services that you’re familiar with are renting you server space. That’s why when your site gets hacked, the server is slow, they don’t provide much support. Hiring a webmaster to manage your websites can be expensive, and they are not always available in a pinch.

Managed web hosting is the in-between solution. It gives you the peace of mind that someone is doing regular house-keeping on your web server, and keeping an eye on unusual site activities.

  • Site Migration
  • Automated Backups
  • Server Security
  • and more

Business Phone Lines

Manage your business and personal calls without carrying two phones with you.

Starting at just $30/month.

Are you putting your cell phone number out there into the world for spam bots to crawl? Our business phone line solution can sets up a business number for you, a personalized greeting that dynamically changes based on your business hours, all without lugging around an extra phone.

You and your team can look professional and responsive no matter where you are working, so you can focus on enjoying your nomadic life.

  • Receive Voicemails through Email
  • Set your Business Hours
  • One number for your whole team
  • and more

Custom Solutions

A client and team experience that’s uniquely you.

Growing pains? We’ve been there.

As your business or organization grows, streamlining your invoicing process, tracking tasks, and a plethora of new operational needs can really slow you down. We know because many of our clients have been there.

Get organized early, implement new processes, and start adopting them to build up the habits before the workload becomes overwhelming. We can help you design a back office that will match your internal process, and impress your clients at the same time.

  • SMS Service
  • Managed Email Server
  • Project Tracking & Management
  • and more