An arms-length Chief Technology Officer that’s in your corner.

A CTO is not a role that small organizations traditionally hire, but as you take on more ambitious tech projects, this role can be critical in determining a project’s success.

Our Consulting CTO services can come in different forms, but will ultimately achieve the following:

  1. support the leadership in making informed decisions by presenting the business and strategic implications of various technical approaches.
  2. identify and propose technical solutions that meet current and future needs.
  3. manage and oversee, at an arms-length, the technical development, deployment and operational processes to maximize ROI.

To achieve the objectives above, specific tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Review scope of work from technical partners and vendors
  2. Recruit, manage and evaluate technical teams
  3. Conduct quality assurance of technical deliverables
  4. Support the development of business and strategic plans
  5. Technical project planning and management
  • Technical Oversight

  • Feasability Assessment & Cost Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Security & Operations

A Chief Design Officer to bring clarity by asking the right questions.

A Chief Design Officer is not someone that makes your new website more pretty (though that could be part of it), it is to introduce design thinking processes into your projects.

This is especially important in complex and ambitious digital projects, where the outcome emerges as part of the process, rather than pre-determined and fixed.

This service is design to support your organization in the following ways:

  1. introduce design thinking processes during project planning process
  2. lead and conduct user-centered design research activities
  3. ensure consistency branding and identity across digital assets

To achieve the objectives above, specific tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Design and facilitate training workshops
  2. Recruit, manage and evaluate design teams
  3. Support the design process of digital initiatives
  4. Develop branding and identity strategy and assets
  • User-Centered Approach

  • Design Research Process

  • User Experience & Service Design

  • Consistent Brand Experience